Tommy Bradford


Saxophonist Tommy Bradford is a Chicago native and a diverse musician. He can regularly be seen performing with Maad Soul, Scientific Map, the Lewis Brothers group, Paul Parker band and with his own projects: the Tommy Bradford band and the John Style’s band. His saxophone work can be heard on recordings with Dealious, the Hudson group, blues artist Chain Saw Dupont, Double Forte and numerous House music tracks produced by Dj. Lego. He was also a featured performer with Chicago’s Maad Soul group at the 2008 Chicago Grammy Listening Party in Chicago, IL and with Maad Soul at the 2010 City Folk festival in Ohio. Tommy is also a part-time music instructor at Hinsdale High School, Joan’s Studio for the performing arts and Kidwatch academy.

Tommy began his musical career in elementary school playing throughout high school and later graduating from Columbia College of Chicago with a degree in Music Business.

Throughout his career Tommy has performed with a variety of artists/groups such as the Joe Piscapo group (formerly of SNL), the Donnie Greco group, the Dick Judson orchestra, Bill Dickens, Ron Haynes, Funk Box, Hip-Pocket, the Kendall Lewis group, Double Forte, the Webstir’s, Religion of Peace, and platinum producer - Freak. Tommy recently made his screen debut this year appearing in a short independent film in Chicago and for a pilot for NBC’s –State of Romance in 2009 and has actively contributed his talents to the Ilinois Center For Violence Prevention’s against Women’s annual yearly gala since 2008.